December 23rd, 2014

Macbeth the Usurper

Christmas Begins

We had a fun weekend over in chez hovel. On Friday night, we hosted Xpioti's kids for the night in a big sleepover. The kids were beside themselves in delight. Great fun was had by all except when when it wasn't being had. Kids work that way. We herded them into making gingerbread houses, in which more candy was eaten than decorated with. This being one of Design Girl's favorite things, my daughter went to town decorating longer than anyone else.

Sadly, our hand mixer finally died. It's been on its last legs.

On Saturday night, we went to our yearly Christmas carol sing down in Virginia. A good time was had by all. My daughter had a friend to play with. The food was good, and the mood was gay. (Yes, I know that's not a word used much today, but it really is the correct word for the mood.)

On Sunday, we began the day with the Christmas Pageant, which the kids have been working on in Sunday school. Somehow, they made it work. The congreation was well entertained.

After church, we piled into the car and drove up to the Milewski side of Christmas. Dad was feeling a bit under the weather, so we didn't see much of him, but everyone else was out and about. Little Connor, my great-nephew, was now walking about and saying some words. Design Girl and my Great Niece kept kidnapping me so that I could hang out in the basement with them. I guess that they needed an adult, but I really didn't care.

I picked up my dad's old PC. I'm trying to revive it at little to no cost. The trick will be getting back onto the PC and activated running Vista. If that doesn't work, I'll try Linux. I would like to put on Windows 7, but a license for that costs $100, while I can buy a whole new PC, complete with OS, for barely more than that. The PC makers get to install Windows at pennies on the dollar.

Last night we had Mark over, my brother-in-law. His girl Izzy couldn't come, because she was sick, but we did have a fine time hosting him and feeding him poached salmon. My wife, she cooked that well. Yum.