December 15th, 2014

Macbeth the Usurper

Symphony of the Origin

I've been playing a console-style RPG on my Kindle lately, Symphony of the Origin. As the title implies, this Japanese style RPG has translation issues. By issues, I mean that the game producers didn't even try to clean up their translation. Despite that, the game is charming in its Japanese ways. You literally fight EVILS. LOL.

My daughter noticed this new game quickly, so now we are playing it together. I fight through dungeons, while she reads all the text and then watches the boss battles. This is geeky-endearing in all the most geeky ways.

I now have a theory that the power of a warrior is determined by the amount of hair-gel that he uses.

I really need to get my girl chewing on my anime. She would adore Takahashi. I need to see what's on Netflix.