December 1st, 2014

Macbeth the Usurper


I think that I did something this weekend, so this weekend must have been good.

Saturday morning was a trip out to Nick's Diner. On Sunday morning, I made scones.

We put up the tree on Saturday night, followed by a rocking fun game of fairies. I got to play "evil" Rosetta, whose assigned job was to think of evil plans. That was unreasonably fun. On Sunday night, we put the lights on the tree.

I mowed the side yard, both mulching up the leaves and doing a final mow of the grass. More compost. Jenny ran out for more compost so that we can start the blueberry beds. In the afternoon, I ran off to the barn with my daughter to hook up with Xpioti and her two maniacs.

Sunday was another headache for me. I have no idea what I ate that gave me the headache. Drat it all.

I'm now mostly done with this round of Double Jack. I need to send it to my faithful readers. I get to see how this new ending stands up.
Macbeth the Usurper

Review: Doctor Who, Season 8

I would really like to review Doctor Who, Season 8, with great gusto, but I just can't find the energy to review it with any gusto at all. Through most of the season, I've watched the shows and then promptly forgotten them. I feel like I've watched the show out of habit, waiting for the great shows to come along, but all that I got was a more of the same, none of it inspired.

I do have my complments. I greatly enjoyed Peter Capaldi as new Doctor, but I don't think that the writers have a handle on him at all. In a few episodes, I could tell that the dialog had originally been written for Matt Smith because I could hear Matt's rhythm.

I liked Clara well enough, but only just well enough. The thing about Clara, about her being split through so many timelines, is that she becomes infinitely recreatable. Do we get any of that? Nope. Consideirng that most companions last 1-3 seasons, I don't plan on seeing that much more of Coleman.

I like the new villain, Missy. I thought that Michelle Gomez did a bang-up job. Yet even so, I didn't really care.

If I had to use a tag, I'd say that this was the least clever and spunky series so far, at point losing clever and spunky all together, and that should make kittens cry.