November 17th, 2014

Macbeth the Usurper


On Saturday, we hosted the Parents of Young Children potluck for church. We had several families and everything just went swimmingly. We had just enough room for everyone to sit around the coffee table and eat dinner while my daughter and her friend played like mad.

But something was up. Design Girl had fallen asleep on my lap while I talked to Yvonne, the new youth minister. DG didn't feel hot, which is when she usually curls up and naps. In this case, DG fell asleep on my lap. A few hours later and she was hot, running a 102 degree fever. She was so sick that when her friend wanted to watch a My Little Pony episode, she said yes. All through Sunday the girl was up and down for random times, which resulted in an unexpected gaming boom for me. By this morning, DG was feeling far better, able to eat, and getting back to her old perky self.

Design Girl's favorite place to sleep yesterday was her bed. Lately she's been noticing that our bed if far more comfy than hers, so with getting sick, she decided to occupy the comfiest place in the house. I can't blame her one lick.

The "new" game is Dragon Age 2. I bought it two years ago when it was on sale at a rediculous price. Like all Bioware games, it features an unengaging plotline that I can live without, lead characters that don't really matter, and events that feel like they were check marks on a design sheet. Like all cinematic RGP game, there was too much dialog and too much cultural siloing. (Cultural siloing is where this culture does THIS and that culture does THAT, each culture in its own silo busily not influencing the other culture around it or being influenced, but it's all flavor and doesn't really matter anyway.) I should really do a fuller review of it.

As I was keeping the sound off because my daughter was asleep, I kept reading the dialogue in female Shepards voice from Mass Effect, which worked wonders as I like her voice better.

Friday night featured a rewatching of Hairspray at Design Girl's request. She had fun, which pleased me to no end.

I did more digging about the yard. I filled up yet another trashcan full of yard waste for recycling. I'm still in the area that's been grandly neglected, so I'm making slow progress. Digging sassifrass out by the root takes time and obstinance. That seems to be the lesson that I've learned this year. If you can dig it up by the roots, then by God, rip the bastard out of the ground.