August 25th, 2014

Macbeth the Usurper

Weekend Wrap

Jenny and I went off for Chinese dumplings on Thursday night as Miss Dash had a birthday party to attend. The pork chive dumplings were to die for, but the egg were merely OK.

I had this on-again, off-again headache all weekend. Curse it.

I wrapped up All The Saints Are Dead and handed it off to Jenny for editing. I also sent it out to my first readers. I am very proud of my work. My wife emotional reaction to the work was enough to know that I did something very, very right. This also means a few weeks of dishwashing for me as I trade chores with my wife so that I make time for her editing.

Miss Dash went to Marisa's birthday party. It was supposed to be outside, but there was rain, and then the kids all played and got wet, but eventually the party moved indoors, becoming a slightly wet, mass playdate. All in all, a good party.

My wife's friend Angi was in town, so we got her over for brunch. It's always good to get Angi in town.

Miss Dash had her all-day screen time day on Sunday as well, getting to be on the computer and the Kindle all day. As of today, she's in second grade and off to school again. Now we need to get back into the school rhythm.
Macbeth the Usurper

Doctor Who, Season 8, Episode 1

Well, it's another season of Doctor Who. The spoilers are minimal, so skip if you are inclined.

The good news is that Moffat is doing well, and the bad news is that Moffat is doing well. What do I mean by that? I found the episode both enchanting and twisting, yet behind all that hullabaloo, predictable. That is, even the twists and turns are getting to feel familiar. That tells me that it's time for Moffat to move on. I would really like to see a new show runner along with the new Doctor. Moffat's beats are just too familiar now.

I enjoyed the new Doctor. I never had a doubt about him doing well and the actor showed me why the producers hired him. He has a grand energy. Its his energy that tells me that we new a new production team, because he's shining so much brighter than they are.

I greatly enjoyed the faces on all the extras. I do believe that they hired every actor that they could who didn't look classically pretty, giving them a wonderful age, gender, and racial range that you rarely see in any TV show.

The end of the show leaves us with questions, as it should, but I found myself not caring very much. For most of the episode, I found myself not caring very much. I was amused, but not engaged.

Themes. We have some predictable themes. First, we have the "promised land" mentioned by some robots, while the Doctor is searching for his promised land of Gallifrey. We have faces and appearances as a theme.

The audio track is far more mechanical. From the opening theme to the end, the sound of clockwork prevails.

We have a beginning where the Doctor has come back to life, and end where a robot comes back to life, and the question of what else could be coming back to life. Is that a theme or not? I don't know.