August 15th, 2014

Macbeth the Usurper


The weather here has been unreal and gorgeous. I haven't seen an August this nice since Mt. Pinatubo blew up in the 90's. In August, the low at night should be in the mid-70's, not into the 60's. Wow. Just unreal.

At work, I've been playing with the HP Smart Update Manger, which has managed to twist its own configuration into some mighty twisty nickers. I'm making progress with it, but it ain't been cooperating.

"All The Saints Are Dead" has been trudging along. Between accounting for issues that my first readers brought up and issues that my sequel caused, going has been slower than I like. However, when my daughter is forced to practice her writing for school, I join her in solidarity, so we get to write together. When she reads, I take some time to read.

I am well through rereading LeGuin's Earthsea novels. I thought that I would have more commentary, but I don't. I'm seeing many things about the books, especially where she is going with them, and how she does some of what she does. With great humility, I notice that I have learned many of the same tricks that I am noticing. The amazing news is that I might be the next LeGuin, but the brutal news is that I might be the next LeGuin 40 years later and 40 years too late, so don't expect me to get too big for my britches any time soon. She still remains a far better short story writer than I am.