August 11th, 2014

Macbeth the Usurper

Visit Wrap

On Friday, the family visitors headed down to the Smithsonian to see the Air and Space Museum, then back home and out to the fairgrounds for the county fair. Many rides were ridden, fair food was eaten, and all that sort of stuff. Meanwhile, I went to work, then came home and spent 3 hours sorting out the sound issues between my computer and my amplifier.

On Saturday, we held a party for our visitors so that their friends could come over. We served good Tai food from our favorite Tai restaurant and chatted a great deal.

Sunday, our visitors went to church with us, then we sent them on their way. We spent the remaining day accomplishing nothing, some pool time, and some leftovers.

This morning, my daughter misses her cousin. We'd have them living next door if we could, but we can't.