August 5th, 2014

Macbeth the Usurper


This weekend's activity, bleeding over into this week, has been cleaning the house in preparation for the visit of John, my brother-inlaw, Chu Li (his wife), and family. Yeah on that, but it's a whole lot of cleaning because we do excel at the proverbial messy house. Good thing that I took off.

My daughter is super-bored waiting for her cousin.

In a work complain, computers like to die the moment that I walk out the door. It's getting uncanny.

My wife and I watched through the Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Whatever excited people about that film, I just don't get. I do complement the actors, especially the guy that plays the announcer. You have to like and be repulsed by him at the same time, and he so beautifully nails the part.

In sales, I have nothing to report.