July 14th, 2014

Macbeth the Usurper

Weekend Wrap

This weekend wandered about nicely.

We're getting to the end of swim season. We had our last pot luck on Friday night. This week is the closing banquet on Saturday. Miss Dash didn't swim on the meet on Saturday, but she did swim in the Relay Carnival on Sunday morning.

I wrapped up This Side of Paradise. I finally recalled where I had read it. I hadn't so much read it as listened to it from Librivox some years back, most likely on a trip to New Jersey and spread across any number of trips or something like that. The book his several "I can't think of any shit to write" moments as F. Scott floundered about, and when the end came, it came gratefully. Our hero, now penniless, poor, and without friends, has accomplished his anti-hero arc.

Miss Dash had two play dates that went well. One with with Arden, who has reformed from her mean-to-others ways. Miss Dash has been playing with her for years but got tired of the threats. This time, all good play.

Miss Dash likes a boy at the pool, so we had a discussion about love. She's all twitterpated, but she doesn't know that. She just knows the feeling. So here we are, into a new world.

I remember that feeling. There was Beth S. back in second grade. She was the prettiest thing, with her dark hair and fair skin, and that's about all that took to put me into a stir. To be honest, that still does.

Jenny has been itching to write an Endhaven story, but admitted that she had too many projects on her plate. Even so, she reread some of my Endhaven novels, and to my pleasure, still find them quite readable. Yay for my best fan.

In stupendous news, I found a new cat food that the cat will eat. Huzzay.