July 7th, 2014

Macbeth the Usurper

That Was the 4th

The Fourth of July weekend went quite well for us.

Jenny continues to mend. Yay, Jenny. She's sleeping better all the time and needing few pain meds.

Quite a bit of swimming was had. In addition to a swim meet on Saturday morning, I took my daughter swimming on a daily basis. When no one else is around the pool, I am required to swim with her, even if she isn't playing with me. Miss Dash also acted as my swim coach, making me swim ten laps. Lordy, I was tired at the end of all that swimming.

For fireworks, we went up to a local park to watch the college fireworks. It was an OK location, looking south to the festivities which rose above the treeline. The park was sparsely populated, the weather a bit cool (amazing for July), and everything was just relaxed. We picnicked on fried chicken and watermelon. The best part was getting out of there. We avoided most of the slog, only having to crawl down one well moving road.

For some reason, my daughter was in daddy-attachment-mode. Hitting the reset button did no good. I spent most of my Saturday entertaining her. I was grateful as all heck on Sunday when my wife arranged a playdate.
Macbeth the Usurper

On Acquisitions

As this indie book publishing movement grows, something has occurred to me.

In a normal publishing environment, if there was a publisher that was highly profitable and moving up the sales charts, one of the other companies would move to acquire the rival, thereby capturing both the new profits and the new catalog.

With Amazon, that doesn't work. With KDP, none of the Big Five can move to acquire Amazon and Amazon isn't going to sell even if they could sell. In order to absorb the threat of the self-published author, the Big Five must court all the successful self-published authors. They can't do this in one fell swoop. They must do this one author at a time. That's expensive, but ultimately worth in. Inexplicably, the Big Five use their author acquisition system to get authors, which represents a loss to a successful self-publisher. In order to acquire a self-publisher, they must acquire those rights and brands as if they were acquiring a company, which doesn't work because the author loses too much money, or even worse, the author starts a new pen name and continues as a self-publisher, which only perpetuates the circle of competition.
Macbeth the Usurper


As if life isn't challenging enough, my car overheated today. I added more coolant and hoped for the best. A test drive showed that it held its temperature. Yay. However, if the water pump is now randomly seizing, then boo.