June 26th, 2014

Macbeth the Usurper

Swim Meet

Miss Dash had another swim meet last night. In good news, she's upped her times across the board and is now finishing far more competitively.

On hearing the music that I heard at the swim meet, my first reaction was, "What nice white music." All the music being played was very white 80's music. That's acceptable in the whitey-white pool club world. Mind you, I like the 80's stuff, being a teenager through those years, but sometimes your culture just comes up and wallops you on the head with how white it truly is.

Mind you, I can understand the aversion to modern black music. I don't like rap. There's something about it that I find too stabby and too pretentious. Whatever it is, it just doesn't do me. The modern pop sound doesn't do me either. In small doses, it can be fun, but beyond that it's just becomes a wall of sameness to me. My ears wear out. I also find it utterly lacking in emotion despite the fact that the music is entirely based in emotion. I could try to analyze that, but I don't care enough to. It's what selling and the producers aren't going to rearrange the music for my taste.
Macbeth the Usurper

Bad Surprise Day

In a surprise move today, my wife dislocated her left elbow, so a call at 9am from a neighbor got me scrambling. Fortunately, said neighbor took in my daughter for the day while I waited in the emergency room with my wife.

FYI, emergency rooms move at a speed somewhat between molasses and that sticky tar that they put onto roads.

Also FYI, getting elbow relocated is not something that you want to do.

Well, I'm glad the emergency part is over. The world-turned-upside-down part has just begun. My wife has one arm. This impacts almost everything that she does. A household worth of work has just landed in my lap. Thank God that I saved up leave. I have lots and lots of it just for this occasion.