June 18th, 2014

Macbeth the Usurper

Salon on Hatchette and Self-Publishing

Here's another article on the Hatchette/Amazon bout and indie authors, this time from Salon.

Putting all emotion aside, the authors who need big publishing the most are the up and coming authors.

The very successful indie authors lose money by signing with a publisher. It's that simple. The indie authors take the publisher's percentage and the author's percentage of every book that they sell, giving them far stronger profits over the long term.

However, it's the lower tiered Amazon sellers, like me, who see major publishing as an advertising possibility, as a way of getting my name further out there.

Because of the very freeform way that indie authors have discovered the sweet spots in the ebook market, they've established a system that, by design, the big producers can't match. They are all about the long tail, fast releases, first in series free, and following the trend today with a book on Wednesday. They can hop on each new sub-sub-genre, taking the bulk of money from those genres, and camping them out even before big publishing becomes aware of those genres, let alone lines up books for publication next year, when such a hot genre may have cooled to a tepid afterglow.

What indie isn't is a minor league. No, indie is it's own farm system to major league now. That won't change until the big publishers can hand book deals to indies that actually reward them with more money than they are making now.