June 11th, 2014


Waking Early (and so is everyone else)

I wake up early to write. That's the best and most reliable free time that I've got. Up until this year, that's been working mighty well. Wake at 6am, write for an hour, then get ready for work. That's put me through three novels, to novellas, and two more novels on live track.

Now, with the days getting longer, everyone in the house is getting up with me, except for the cat, who wants to come in and go to sleep, and he lets me know it. Fortunately, the cat gets me up way too early, around 5am, and I just set to doing things.

At first I treated everyone waking up like an anomaly, but after a week of this, I'm now convinced that I have to slam into that writing while I can, because my daughter makes the bedroom too lively to write for very long.

At this point, I'm having to double and triple shift, getting the writing done where I can. Later in the summer, I expect this trouble to grow even worse.