June 6th, 2014


Amazon "Censorship"

The erotica authors are being targeted by Amazon. By erotica, I mean the uncomfortable erotica. See the post from one erotica author here.

Let's address a few issues.

Amazon has ever-changing standards. Why? Because they have erotica authors who are using ever changing tactics to get their books out of the adult dungeons and seen by as many people as possible. Because they have customers reacting to these books, and not reacting in a good way. Because KDP makes them a shitload of money, and ensuring that the public perceives that store in a good light is in their economic self-interest.

Let's go beyond that. Do you remember all the talk about "rape culture" that's happening and why? Well, as far as Amazon can tell, there it is. With the female community, the biggest buyer of books, growing concerned if not militant about rape culture, do you think that Amazon can stand by and let these same works crop up in their romance searches? Do you think that they are going to sacrifice millions of dollars in profit to protect dark erotica's thousands of dollars in profit?

Amazon is a business. It has the right to decide what to stock in its store. It has a need to protect its reputation. In the ever-changing marketplace, it will address the problems that arise. That's it. That's as complicated as it can get.

As an author, I have no right to be published through the KDP. I am fortunate that Amazon has created rules that allow me to do so. One day, this will certainly change because the business environment will change. I personally don't expect the golden age of KDP to last another decade. Nothing is infinite. For now, we have the market that we have. Tomorrow, we have another market.


I'm seeing less Steampunk virals running about. Are we now over peak Steampunk?

Are we now post-Steampunk? What do you call that? What would go between Steampunk and Dieselpunk? Aeropunk? I like aeropunk and that precisely describes the race to build the first flying machines.

Watching Sales

I'm watching my sales right now. Someone picked up The Trope Team a few days ago, followed by Weeds Among Stone, and now Macbeth the Usurper.

That's how it's supposed to work.

I did two things recently. First, I prettied up my text to the next level. Yay, me. That helped the professionalism of my books. The other was to publish The Trope Team.

It's very rewarding to see someone churn through my output, even if it's all the cheap stuff. That tells me that I've done something right. That tells me that one person out there found the stories rewarding enough to buy, and then buy more.

One reader found, thousands yet to go.