May 26th, 2014



I saw Godzilla last night.

I've seen every Godzilla made at this point, and 90% of all the Toho giant monster movies produced. I am most definitely an aficionado of Godzilla. If not an aficionado, then I'm mighty damned dedicated. So, here's a few observations from that and some rough thoughts.

The film delivered on the kaiju genre. Godzilla hands the humans a bucket full of bad decisions and a lollipop, and they don't get to keep the lollipop. Yeah, that's how a good giant monster flick ought to be.

Let me get my pet peeve out of the way. I detested the color gradient used on the film. Ick. Go away. I can't stand the desaturated shit they're pulling these days. I can understand using this to salute the monochrome original Godzillas, but I'm not having it. End peeve.

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