May 9th, 2014


Home Life

Miss Dash had a bit of the sick the last few days. Nothing terrible.

Jenny's step-dad is really sick. Doctors are tracking that down.

Everyone else is fine.

Eyes on the Prize

Our latest video offering is the series "Eyes on the Prize."

If I could sit down and make the world watch this, I would. That the arguments used then are still in use now is inexecusable.

Friends of Friends Uselessness

I would like to use the Friends of Friends feature in LJ in order to find new friends to replace my old ones, but because one or more of my friends has all his newsfeeds linked through LJ, all I get are news feeds. So I am trimming anyone with large numbers of feeds. No offense to anyone. My general goal is to discover more authors out there, especially experienced ones. All that noise ruins discoverability.

The problem is LJ's. I want new friends on my feed. You aren't posting and yet you are still cluttering up my feed. Thus, removal.

And to be honest, this is really nice being able to find people again.