May 2nd, 2014



Two rejection slips since yesterday. One was not a surprise as the short story was rather out there. It certainly went to the wrong venue. That rejection slip said, in translation, "Stop wasting our time and learn to write."

The other rejection slips said, "Didn't catch my attention. I'll pass on this one." In translation, it doesn't need a translation. I wasn't expecting that one to make it through either.

So, two silly/comedy stories fell by the wayside. The serious, straightforward story hasn't come back yet and I won't know for a while. The other submission from two days ago shouldn't come back for another month.

I just don't know what to do with these silly pieces that I've been writing. Maybe I just need to write through this phase for a while?

Oh, and I finally have a title for my work in progress. It's working title was "Dragons Are Forever But People Aren't." The final title will be "All The Saints Are Dead."