April 30th, 2014


Another Out the Door

I sent another story out the door. It has errors, but I sent it. Done. Placed submission into tracker. Moved on.

Miss Dash likes another new story that I wrote yesterday morning. It's a time travel story in the vein of turnkey chapter novels. I wrote the last story, so she wants me to write more. I can do that. I'm a good daddy.

I finished another story last night and now I need to find a place to submit it to.

Meanwhile, Skyrim comes along. I've left my level 56 character behind to run a new character through the opposite faction's war story. Meanwhile, there are some stories that I will likely never follow. I don't anticipate becoming an assassin or joining the thieve's guild. That's just not in it for me.


Hey, it's been nine years already. Wow. Time flies.

Nine years married, eight with a cat, seven with a girl, six with novelizing. That's some life adventure. I wonder what my score is?

Win. Definitely win.