April 25th, 2014



Brought Rainbow Girl to work today. She rocked out goofing off most of the time. Yeah, we didn't accomplish a damned things except for two presentations that I gave.

For the computer support folks, I showed kids what inside a computer. I took lots of stuff apart, including a Kindle. They had never seen the inside of stuff and were gobsmacked by me just taking this stuff to pieces. They had a great time handling the insides. There's nothing like the guts of something to get kids excited. Some of the kids even tried figuring out how to put the parts back together.

We now have house guests. Jen's friend Jen and Jen's friend's Jen's daughter are here for a day before heading into DC for some even or another. The girls were up early romping about with great gusto. Their plan is to visit the zoo and generally hang out.

Meanwhile, work in progress continues to surprise me. I love putting details together and coming up with Oh-Mi-Gawd!