April 11th, 2014


Saying Something

I want this daily discipline of saying something to say something, but some days, I just don't want to talk.

Miss Dash has been playing Minecraft lately. Winx Club is slowly receding. We still tell two Winx stories per day, but the demand isn't quite so 24x7. We can now do breakfast without providing a story. This is the same trajectory as MLP.

We'll be having visitors over the next few weeks: Jen's parents, Jen's friend, and another set of Jen's friends. It'll be a bustly few weeks.

My work in progress progresses, now being 18k words. The working title is "Dragons are forever but people aren't." I won't be keeping the title, but the title sure does get to the right frame of mine about the work. It's a dragon rider book, with the basic presumption that dragons outlive their riders, or sometimes just kill their own riders, and playing out those implications. It's been both fun and brutal.

The real question after all of this is whether I can beat the manuscript into something worthwhile.