March 24th, 2014


Weekend Wrap

My parents came down on Saturday and we had a good day visiting. Mom brought down Miss Dash's birthday presents that have been languishing due to snow.

I made some friend spaghetti for dad. Recently, I've added a twist to fried spaghetti: an egg. I must say, it rocks as an addition. I get some protein with my carbs and the egg just goes great.

With the nice weather, Miss Dash was excited to stay out and play later in the evening. I was happy to let her. I remember being that excited to play after dinner. Good stuff, that.

The Astrean novel goes apace. I now have enough social disfunctionality going on in the novel that I'm really starting to enjoy it. It 5k of lousy words and so-so plot, but also 5k of good ideas.