March 11th, 2014


Forgotten Weekend and Then Some

We had Coleen over for dinner last night. That was always wonderful. Jen forgot her coming, but with Coleen, helping with dinner is part of the fun. She's in the "helps wash the dishes" category of friends, so it's kinda hard to go wrong with her.

While over, I brought up my pure logistical game idea, and clocks whirred around. Colleen came out the idea of a Regency Coming Out Party idea for a logistical game. That got the two girls conniving. I'm going to see if I can make this come out. Making an RPG for the Regency and Romance market cracks open new RGP space.

Over the weekend, we at sushi at one of those places with a carousel. It took dishes about five to seven minutes to make the full circuit. They had some fun stuff, too.

At the same mall as the sushi place, there was a climbing thing that required a harness. Four stories up, your harness followed you as you walked across many obstacle course spans. Miss Dash went straight to the top and dared the highest heights. That made me so happy. I remember the little girl who was afraid to go down the slide. She's come a long way. After a while, though, it got boring. How many times can you cross similar spans? To be honest, climbing the giant snow hills was just as much fun for her a much cheaper.