March 10th, 2014


Travel Time

We traveled up to NJ this weekend to visit Jenny's mom. Sloggy traffic up. Ick.

While there, we saw "Fancy Nancy: The Musical." It was a 45 minutes of nonstop music with a lean-ass script. They didn't waste a word. The lyricist was damned clever. (I typed 'lycracist' at first. There's a joke for another place.) The music was all very catchy. And, it was just the right length for a crown of 3-7 year olds, although the younger kids didn't follow the super-simple plot. Extra cudoes for casting a tall woman with a wonderful voice as Mom. That height difference really worked to bring out the illusion.

I continued polishing Tropacetic.

Miss Dash came down with a cold on Sunday morning. This morning, it's now going full blast.

Jenny's busily reformulating the garden fence plans. We hope to get it in this week just as soon an she reviews the gotchas that we ran into.