March 7th, 2014



Happy birthday to my sweets Jenny. She's turning 39 again. Maybe this year I'll pick a different age. 101. She's turning 101. Wow, does the ever look sexy for her age. :P

I've been pounding my head against Oracle 12c this week. The damned thing wouldn't install correctly. In the end, to get it to install correctly, you had to install it under "Avanced" mode, otherwise, all the promised functionality didn't actually work. JesusfrickingChrist. I think it has the appropriate data in it. (Emphasis on think.) Now I need to figure out how to actually get some data out of it.

I've scraped up the money for a USB microphone. I want to make some audiobooks, and I want Jenny to do the reading. More information on that fiasco as it develops.