February 24th, 2014


Birthday Weekend

Miss Dash is getting older. We celebrated her 7th birthday over the weekend. She had an art party at out local Michael's. The kids knocked out those crafts faster than we could throw crafts at them. We also learned that 2hrs for a craft party was just a little too long for a small room.

Still, all went well thanks to the thoughtful planning of Jenny.

I've taken apart my first Kindle to repair the USB socket. I had forgotten how much soldering hates me, despises me, buries me, then shits on my grave. Eventually I'll figure out some way to get that thing to stick. If not, I'll find a replacement part. Maybe.

I finally dug out the root ball for the bush beside out window. That turned out to be possible with a four pound pick-axe. That area will be for mint.

And I spent far too much time playing Skyrim. It's easy to get lost in that game. I am avidly avoiding every quest, except for the one where you run around looking for the lost dwarven forge. That quest I liked.