February 21st, 2014



Tropacetic nears done for its outline draft.This is fun. Whenever I get stuck, I just solve it with a trope.

When I write, I begin with an outline draft. I just sorta write and discover. The purpose of an outline draft is to develop character, dialog, stylisms, and all sorts of other emergent details that come with writing a novel. I want to capture those emergent tendencies and use them to shape the novel. This way, I fold all sorts of complexities straight into the first draft. If I was to only do an outline, I would not get a good idea of character or style, plus I have to sort out all the details and preplan everything, and that would cause all sorts of logical problems for me.

Past the outline draft, I rearrange and build, eventually sorting out what I want to write.

Tropacetic has been fun. If there are rules about what to NOT do in writing, I'm breaking all of them that I can identify. Tropacetic is all about embracing my inner bad writer.