February 18th, 2014


President's Day Weekend

What did I accomplish this weekend? I have no clue. That made for a good weekend.

We had a pot luck for Church on Sunday. We only expected one family, but at the last minute, we got two. Everything went well and the kids played well.

Jenny and I went out for Valentine's Day to Mikonos Grill, a great greek place. Normally we avoid Valentine's Day proper as getting into a restaurant is hard and unsatisfying. We wound up sitting at 5:30. The food was good, and well presented, but the place had boiled dinner down into three options, complete with things that we normally don't purchase, thus padding their final bill. (Personally, if I was a restaurant owner expecting a pressing crowd, I'd do the same thing.) I barely had the money for the meal because of the extra padding. Ouch.

We watched "An Adventure in Space and Time" afterwards. That was fun.

I've wrapped up Double Jack for now. 50k words. It's a novel. The end needs a ton of work. Was was reading the wrong thing while I wrote the end that that fucked up my writing style. The entire things lays out too fast and too brightly. Meanwhile, I'm taking a break and starting on Tropacetic.

Meanwhile, I've a new idea for a novel set in Endhaven and I like what the characters are doing. At first, I thought it was going to be about the youngest member joining a team, but when I changed the POV to the oldest member, the story got damned interesting. That story is going into hot development.

I've been slowly straightening out my music collection. I spent a good chunk of time doing that. Putting my music onto the NAS and streaming it out has been very productive.