February 14th, 2014


Snow and Then Some

We finally had that big snow. God kept lobbing storms at us and they kept missing, so he finally just snow-nuked the entire eastern US and said, "Dodge this!" All the shoveling went well. I could have gone to work if I chose, but given the option to skip, I skipped.

I've been working on towel racks made of bamboo for Jenny. The bamboo is all scrap, compressed bamboo. I thought that I could handle this stuff and I was wrong. Every step has mostly worked, but not quite. Bamboo of this sort is really a challenge level material. Nothing glues to it, it has no give, and generally hates you. Yesterday was the last straw as one of my screws was 1/32  too long and popped a piece. So, I've given up that pursuit. I tried, I really did, but my skills and my tools are just not up to bamboo.

My daughter played with the neighbor's girl all day, then they had a sleepover. They didn't get to sleep until 10:30. At 1:30 am, they woke up and wanted to eat breakfast. That didn't last long. They finally popped up at 6 am.

We also had said neighbor's over for pizza.

Today, Miss Dash will sleep over there, and Jenny and I have a reservation over at Mikonos Grill. It's a really good Greek place. Normally we avoid Valentines Day at all cost, but with the neighbors getting the sleepover, this just seemed opportune.