January 31st, 2014


Draft 4 Done

The 4th draft of Double Jack is done. 47k words. For my fifth draft, I will be making everything within the draft harmonize with itself. Themes and idea developed toward the end need to be echoed throughout the manuscript and more beats developed.

After this, it's smoothing, smoothing, smoothing (I hope). I may just wind up unsatisfied, junk some more text, and rewrite the damned thing again. It's a demanding diva of a manuscript.

Meanwhile, Miss Dash got her report card. She's just fine in all subjects, ahead of the curves on some social measures, and her reading popped up an entire grade level. She's now testing at 3rd grade. Jenny attributes this to Rescue Princesses, while I attribute this to leaving her to navigate around the computer without help. (Personally, I don't care what level she's at, as long as she is learning. This isn't a race and nobody's getting a prize.)