January 6th, 2014



Jenny wrapped up her edits on "Macbeth the Usurper" last night. So, in the next week, you should see a Macbeth novella show up on Amazon Kindle. It's a good read, my wife says so. Bigger announcements as the time comes.

Double Jack continues apace.

I've started a short story with the intent to publish in a magazine. That's a goal this year. One short story submitted and learn the play the short story game. Acceptance is out of my control, but as my writing is on par with what they publish (at least), then I have every reasonable chance of selling something.

Aside from that, weekend happened. I straightened up some of the workbench area. I was also a fool and left my table saw slede in the now. It's ruined now. Junk. Time to make a new sled. (A table saw sled is something that makes cutting easier while also keeping you from sawing off your fingers.)