Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Welcome Back LJ

This weekend went off without a hitch so far. :)

- Replaced sink trap
- Recleared pipes and they now run much better
- Replaced headlight

One of my headlights was out. That's not good. I have no clue about how long its been out, so on Saturday morning, before we headed off to the film festival, we stopped by the hardware store. I did my best to find a replacement light, but all I could find was a twin pack of the fru-fru front lights. I bought them. So now I have two brighter, more amazing headlights (or so the packaging would have me believe).

We survived the Lord of the Rings film festival. Yay. There was a good crowd in Kittykatya's house and an erratically behaved Alex. All in all, it was a good day.

On today's list of things to do is "clean the bathroom."

All this listing has had me create a to-do list that I now take everywhere with me. I do my best to put on it every little thing that I can remember. My aim is to identify one thing on that list each and every day, and either accomplish it or break the task into accoplishable sub-tasks. So far, this game seems like it's working. (But with the bathroom, the goal just may collapse.)

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