November 29th, 2013


Apple Pie and All That

I made an apple pie for my family. I stopped off and bought some yorks on the way home. Come morning, I started early peeling and slicing. Everything went well until we realized that we only had half a pie crust. Nope. Not enough for apple, so I made my own pie crust. I had to short the shortening, though, which made the crust a bit more crumblier than it should have been. Crust should really cohere better.

My only real mistake was little the apples sit. I put the apples in the pie, but not the juices. Bad idea. Lots of good stuff on those juices. The pie still came out well, but not as delicious as it could have.

Next time, I'm remembering sugar on top.

I carved a Pinkie Pie on top of my pie, making it a Pinkie Pie Apple pie.

We spent the day over my cousins. The visit went well. I did have the misfortune of biting into a triscuit with a coating, which meant powder, which meant whey. Bleh, I got a headache from a cracker that I spit out.

Jenny's been designing fairly dollhouse stuff again. (Must make wife sleep.) Miss Dash decided that this looked fun, so she started designing fairy clothes out of fake flowers and leaves. Wow, she made some really COOL STUFF. My daughter is a fairy clothes creating machine.