November 20th, 2013


Long Weekend

With Jenny away, it was just me and Miss Dash amusing ourselves.

On Saturday, Miss Dash went to a birthday party south of DC, so that took all afternoon. Naturally, she also demanded to sleep in the parental bed, so I endured a night of less kicking than I expected. She still hogged the bed.

We took a break from church on Sunday.

On Monday, I stayed home and refinished the basement steps. I had begun that job a year ago when we moved in. I put down two coats of polyurathane and three coats of sanding dust. Job done.

We're returning some chairs to my sister. Cleaned and waxed four chairs. Done.

Mowed back yard and mowed up brush pile. Done.

There was also copious amounts of yard work in there, along with many other chores. I kept myself very busy getting stuff done. Now that I'm back at work, I get to take a rest.

In writing, I'm getting towards the end of the secret project. I'll turn it over to my editor soon. The work isn't rocket science, but doesn't work is doesn't work.