November 12th, 2013



The thing about Veterans' day is that so many veterans never wanted to be drafted in the first place and only wanted to go home and forget the army. 

Long Weekend

It was a long weekend and stuff happened. It wasn't amazing stuff, it was just stuff. Nothing wrong with that.

We had our bi-annual teacher meeting on Monday. Miss Dash is doing quite well is school. It's good to know that she's better behaved with the teacher than with us. Her reading level is mid-2nd grade, but her writing is lagging, so we'll work on her writing some. We'll come up with some fun projects.

Miss Dash's last week of karate is here. She's done with and wants to move on to something else. Next will be gymnastics. That will last until she wants to move on again.

I mowed the front lawn for the autumn. It had so much leaf and dead grass material in it that I composted it straight into the mixed brown-and-green pile. I did no other gardening. The back yard hasn't been properly weeded in years, so I'm good with it taking a while.

I've nearly finished my latest hatchet handle. I just need to secure it to the head. It's a nice, curvy hickory handle.

Macbeth 2 is nearing completion. I may just write the joke writeup for Macbeth 2 because BACON.

We had a Sunday afternoon visit with Mark and Izzy.

Special breakfast was chocolate chip biscuits. That worked out rather well.