September 10th, 2013


Car in Garage

The car is now at the garage waiting for work. We'll find out what she really needs. She's a 1996, she's well into 17 years old and leaking a little oil. The engine just keeps on ticking. That engine rebuild of 7 years ago really paid itself off.

If we don't fix her, then we have decisions to make. Most likely, we'll try a single car for a while. To get a car, not only do we have to get the books even, we have to surplus $300+ dollars. (That's an easy number to calculate. Look at a used car, 48 months financing, with today's interest rate, and you get $300+ dollars per month.)

Bash vs Powershell

I'm looking to get PowerShell running on my Ubuntu box simply because I'm lazy and want to use a scripting language that I already know. Family distracted me, so I never did get back to that project, but I did run into people who compared Bash vs PowerShell for some reason that I can't fathom.

Aside from the fact that Bash and PowerShell are both scripting languages, they are like lions and tigers. They were created for different environments. You can find bash on most every *nix installation, while you can find PowerShell on modern Windows. Behind those shells are two different operating systems, or ecosystems, if you will. Each shell is designed for the needs of its own operating system.

Each shell also has its inherent way of doing things. If you don't know bash very well, you will do things awkardly (no pun intended), but you will eventually learn simpler and more compact ways of doing those same tasks. The same is true of PowerShell. Practice leads to better code.

From my experience, PowerShell does some lovely things. I chose PowerShell because I managed many Windows machines, some of which I do not control. PowerShell was my least-common-denominator. (Yes, I know that makes me not-real, and so be it.) For me, PowerShell was the most appropriate tool for the job. If I had the same number of Linux boxes, I would have gone with Bash or Perl. Even if PowerShell were a measurably worse language by an order of magnitude, I would still have chosen it over Bash. And I'm not bashing bash (that pun was intended). 

Car News

The resonator pipe rusted through on the car. That's cheap. $300.

The motor itself has issues with the seals. Its leaking oil. The leaks seem slow, so I can keep pushing the thing and adding oil. We're looking at $800 in seals. The tires need to be replaced. Figure another $800. The AC triggers the Check Engine light. Figure $400-$800. That's a mighty long list of ails.

So, I have mighty good things to say about Subarus. Mine lasted 17 years. I think that I can nurse her to 18 years. Her end is coming, though. It's just time.