September 9th, 2013



We've been through Miss Dash's first few weeks of Chinese homework. The whole house is now learning Chinese. Jenny's up on the pinyin and pronunciation. I'm taking lead on writing. It's all a lot. But, I can now count to one hundred, and write it out in Chinese characters as well.

Due to too much caramel corn, I gave myself a ripping headache on Sunday. Never, ever fun. Don't do that if you are me.

On Friday night, we got together with friends to watch "To Kill a Mockingbird." I had never seen this film nor read the book. I don't know how I fell through the cracks, but I've discovered that I have a talent for finding the cracks. If there's a crack to fall through, I've probably fallen through it. Interesting film, and something in it makes me feel like a fraud when I call myself a writer.