August 27th, 2013


First Grade

Miss Dash has hit first grade. She is now going to partial Chinese immersion. So far, so good. She enjoys her new class. Being the age that she is, getting any account of what actually happened proved impossible.

There was a snafu with the bus. Jenny went to the wrong bus stop (due to poor documentation on their part) and when she did go to the right one, Miss Dash wasn't on the list.

The video du jour is Equestrian Girls. Miss Dash is watching it again and again, but with lots of skipping. I wisely watched the whole thing before she did, thus I don't have to even care about skipping ahead.

Fig Report

Our tree has many figs growing, but none have ripened in the last month. That's aggravating. Last year, August was the month of figs.

In good news, we got a zucchini. We've had a zucchini curse over us for the last few years and its nice to finally get one. We've also gotten a few squash. The tomatoes keep on giving. Now that we've had some sun, the garden is growing again.