August 7th, 2013



Sleep is slowly getting better, but I still wake up around 12:15 like clockwork. Why? I have no idea.

Miss Dash doesn't want to do karate any more, but wait, there's a termination clause in the karate contract. We have to give 90 days warning. Fuck me. Well, fuck them. Still, we're stuck with the contract. We have to ride it out when we just don't have the money to waste. 


Gatekeeping is on the agenda in the geek world.

The first gatekeepers pointed to are the bullies that are self-appointed identifiers of "real" fans. 'Nuf said. They're full of it and we know it.

The second gatekeeper was more interesting. I didn't identify her as a gatekeeper at first, but now I see that for what it is. This particular woman made a test to tell if you are a "real" author. The result? John Scalzi failed the test with flying colors. Even more important, this test became just as much of a gatekeeper as over-fannish fans. This is important to state: not only should fandom welcome all who self-identify as fans, but must also welcome all those who self-identify as creators (writers, artists, etc).

What do we want in fandom? No gatekeepers. When do we want it? Yesterday.

Here's my metrics for identify fans:
- Do you call yourself a fan?
- Do you spend money on your fandom? (Or would you, if you had the money?)

That's is. A bad artist is still and artist. A lame fan is still a fan. An unsuccessful writer is still a writer.