July 26th, 2013



Yesterday Jenny and I went to Perl Harbor. By the time that we got there, and somehow found a parking space, the wait for the Arizona was four hours. That was too much for us, so we went to see tour the Bowfin instead, which was an attack sub. It was way cool, especially as its from the era that I've been writing in. We skipped the Missouri, then went onto the Pacific Aviation Museum. By that time we were pretty done and went home.

For dinner, we went off to a tai place far away from the hotel. The food was good by American standards. If not for Halal Tai, I would be satisfied, but Halal Tai used to be so terrific that all other Tai food is now just meh.

The power adapter for my laptop went up. I'm stealing as much power from Jenny's dad as possible before the next leg of our trip. The connector finally wore out. I'm glad that it didn't spark and light the sheets or something.

Next, we're going to Hilo. We fly out in the morning and see a different Hawaii. Hilo is a smaller city, so it should be more our speed. On our agenda is volcano, rain forests and waterfalls, farmer's market, maybe snorkeling,

As for touring, Joy is pretty much done. She was in open rebellion today, and I can't blame her. She's fine with Anna and company, but the bigger family is just too much.