July 24th, 2013



Somehow I got a full night of sleep tonight. I actually slept eight hours, which I haven't done in three months (thank you cat).

This was our last day in this particular room, so we had to pack up and move all our things down to John and Chu Li's room. They were then good to us and took all the kids to the zoo. We actually had a free morning, so we decided on lunch. We hoped to find a buffet, but instead, we lucked out and found a tiki bar. Yeah, oh yeah, tiki bar for the win. I did not know that a tiki bar was on my list of “must do”, but the minute that I realized where I was, I realized that yeah, a tiki bar was on my “must do” list.

Sally and Bob arrived in the evening. We ordered pizza, welcomed the two grandparents, then hauled ourselves up to our new room. This one was on the 32nd floor, and we had a grand view east. We saw the whole of Diamond Head.