July 22nd, 2013



We went to church on Sunday morning to the Wesley United Methodist Church in Waikiki, billing itself as the “friendliest church in town.” We were welcomed in warm Hawaiian style, given knitten leas, and made to feel quite welcome. Like so many churches, this one was well past its prime. The vast number of attendees were 60+. Back in the 50's, the church boasted 150 children, and today it boasted two.

The building itself was lovely, designed for the open air. They opened doors on all sides, providing for an absolutely comfortable service.

The service opened with a conch shell blare. The minister wore a “kilt”, but it was a cloth version of a Hawaian skirt.

Our movie in the afternoon was Pirate: Band of Misfits by Aardman. Wonderful film. The girls loved it.

We're doing less after dinner these days. Little Andrew expires early and so do we. By 9pm, I'm in bed.

These days, I'm getting up at 4am and not fighting it. That buys me some quiet time.