July 21st, 2013



It's Saturday! Really? Wow. Okay, it's Saturday.

We started off our morning by feeding the birds some more, and I did a little more photography. Next, we went off to a hula festival and watched some hula. The highlights were the big bowls of shaved ice with rainbow flavors. I adored the freshly fried donuts. Oh-my-God, they were wonderful.

We had a planetarium showing planned, but we didn't make it into the showing. That's good. The kids have been tuckering out early, and so has this particular grownup.

There's something good about a very short entry for a very enjoyable day.


A Touch of Genius

On this vacation, Jenny finished up the edits for A Touch of Genius. I've got them in. I'm in the middle of the self-publishing process. I've pushed the PUBLISH button once, but I made an error. I usually do this, and that's why there are no hyperlinks yet. As usual, the Table of Contents was a bitch. It gets easier every time, but it's still all a muddle.

Next up is to work out the print/Lulu version, which is just for me.