July 20th, 2013



It was an easy day today.

Jenny started off with a walk, then she came back and told us about feeding pigeons. She man a man feeding pigeons on the pier, and they liked people well enough to eat out of you hand. So Joy and I went out with her and we had some fun feeding zebra pigeons. I also distracted myself by photographing some boogeiboarders. My nifty fifty wasn't good for the far away shots, being a fixed 50, but it worked ever so nice for the close in shots. Those little suckers are FAST.

While the kids went off to a play place, I hopped the bus and went to see Pacific Rim. When I arrived, the show that I expected wasn't on the list. I asked further, and turns out that there was a spiffy Imax version in a super-duper sound room. I gladly paid the extra. By God did they ever have a sexy projector. The visual quality was astonishing and the 20.20 sound experience amazing. (In short, they had spacializing speakers all around the theater, and in addition, had spacializing subwoofers. So yeah, it was all about the sound.)

The bus ride back went well, although it was cramped.

While the ladies went off to the farmer's market, Joy and Anna joined me in the swimming pool. The water was nice and we had great fun, but the wind was stiff enough that everyone soon got the shivers. Who knew that would happen?

Jenny went off to the farmer's market. She bought some apple bananas. If you've never heard of them, it's because they ripen in one day and because of that, they don't get shipped far from home. They are a bit lighter than normal bananas and a tad sweeter, ever so hinting of apple. Jenny bought some cherries so sweet that she actually likes them, and Jenny detests cherries.

Jenny's wrapping up her edits on my novel. She's almost done. After a few hours of entry, I'll be able to push the publish button.

I've been testing ideas for a new Endhaven novel. On the flight, I started a novel and got bored pretty quick. I only found one character interesting. There might be a way forward on that novel idea one day, but for right now, I'm shelving it. My second idea is already working out better. We'll see where it goes.