June 24th, 2013


What Went On

This was a quieter weekend. Not much extraordinary.

We got our new blinds in. I installed them in my office, Miss Dash's room, and our bedroom. The goal was to reduce solar gain in the summer. The installation all went pretty easy. I was impressed. Eventually we would like blinds for the living room, but we're putting off that purchase.

We spent Saturday night up at Black Hills doing their firefly catching program. We picnicked, picked a few blackberries, and enjoyed catching lightning bugs. The moon was beautiful. We all stayed out late and didn't get home until 10pm. (Yeah, 10pm becomes way late when 5am is your wake-up time.)

My game du jour is Mighty Dungeons, which is a simple hack-n-slash on the Kindle/Android.

The garden has delivered its first cherry tomato and a steady stream of snap peas. Miss Dash is our primary picker and she makes sure that everything gets eaten promptly. The corn is now all in. The potatoes aren't dead yet.

Jenny returned edits to me and I'm now done editing. I have a few more tasks to to, but the manuscript is very nearly done. The final paragraphs still need a bit more winding out.