June 3rd, 2013


Church Retreat

This weekend was the annual church retreat. We didn't stay over this time. Our upcoming trip to Hawaii is already sucking down all our money. As usual, we had a fine time hanging out.

For the talent show portion of the day, Jenny, Miss Dash, and I performed "Dead Skunk", that fine pop song from 1973. (I'm sure some damned fool recorded it.) Jenny also told a story, incorporating three of the girls, and I performed as a dolphin in "The Dolphin and the Mermaid."

Jenny took us out for lunch on Sunday to the Silver Fountain. They had dim sum. On carts. Yeah, oh yeah.

I finished digging the tiers for the garden, and Jenny's made the mounds. The corn should go in shortly.

Meanwhile, the random alarm cat keeps getting me up earlier and earlier. Due to the rain, the cat had me up before 5am today.