May 21st, 2013


Parallels with Reality

I write fantasy novels. I know I'm on a roll when what I've written parallels reality. Sometimes I hate the same thing. In Standing Between Earth and Heaven, a tornado hit Jura City. This morning, I learned of one that hit Oklahoma City. Reality easily succeeded in being worse.

I shake my fist at the vengeance of the Red Lady.


I consider renaming my first series. The current books are:

  • Weeds Among Stone

  • Standing Between Earth and Heaven

  • A Greater Genius

They could be:

  • The Iron Duke

  • The Red Lady

  • The White Lady

Or they could be:

  • Curse of the Iron Duke

  • Soiree of the Red Lady

  • Garden of the White Lady

Or they could be:

  • Cult of the Iron Duke

  • Cult of the Red Lady

  • Cult of the White Lady

Any opinionated opinions?