May 2nd, 2013


Anniversary Picnic

The anniversary picnic was yet another success. We had less romping after the picnic as Miss Dash is not the romper that she used to be. She did disappear exploring for a bit.

I now have a paperwhite Kindle. Now I can read without competition. Miss Dash thinks that it will play games, but so far, I have failed in this mission. EVERYTHING has game in her mind.

I did the new bathroom vanity up in tung oil and turpentine. First layer was stinky. 

Clara Pt. 3

In a SciFi uniververse like Doctor Who, how would you create a Clara?

It's simple. You find a Clara and make many clones of her in egg form. You then hop in a time machine and make many different women pregnant via techbabble, and TADA, you have many clones of Clara.

Anybody know a character with a time machine, preferably one that admires Clara?