March 25th, 2013



The weekend went well. We had Aggie over for an extended playdate (as her dad had to work). The girls got along famously the whole day (except when lack of food was a factor). Her dad stayed for dinner.

Meanwhile, I grouted more of the bath, then dug out the old fence posts. These were just metal bars. The first one came out with lots of vigorous wiggling and some well placed hammer strikes. Meanwhile, the second one was the spawn of Satan. I had to dig the thing out. The bar was about six feet long, with three of those feet being underground.

We had Marti and Alberto over Sunday, and Marissa played with Miss Dash the whole afternoon. Jenny was finally able to deliver Marissa's fairy dollhouse, having finished it late the night before.

Today, there is snow. Snow. I mean, SNOW. Who shot the weatherman and replaced him with a mischeivous goblin? Miss Dash got some good sledding in this morning.

Talking about goblins, I've been telling goblin and pony stories. The goblins work up really bad plans to catch and eat ponies, and the ponies (usually Rainbow Dash) foils the goblins. When I'm rocking on those stories, I am rolling.

Miss Dash surprised us last night. She's going up to grandma's house. She walked out of her room having packed her own suitcase, and she packed it well, with everything, for four days. We were FLOORED.