March 18th, 2013



We had some neighbors over for dinner on Saturday night.

Last Thursday, we had friends from church, Jay and Martha over.

Tonight we may have a few kids over from a playdate, and maybe their parent's. We'll see.

I'm back to the bathroom. I've replaced two tiles as a trial run. Next, I'll pull the soap dish and tile over that as well. After that, the whole thing gets a good layer of grout.

We've modified a bathroom fixture to have cherry blossom gobes instead of the plain globes that come with it. Jenny used some awesome glue on it, but not the super-awesome glue.

We have some volunteers coming up in the garden. Looks like broccoli and something else. I'm not sure what the something else it.

I bought a new printing of Unearthed Arcana and I'm reading through that. It's far more comfy going back to AD&D that I thought. So many terms are still familiar. Yet, so much is also dinky and awkward. Well, I'm only 30 years late to this book.