March 1st, 2013


Harper Voyage Rejection

The Harper Voyage rejection finally came through. The wording was of the type, "did not meet our needs." Pretty generic, really.

I believe this, too. That may sound odd, but last year when I submitted, I analyzed their process even before they began. The final decisions would not be made on quality, as they would get enough quality manuscripts. Their final decision would be based on where they wanted to go in the market and which risks they wanted to take. Those criteria have nothing to do with me. Their rejection pretty much met with my expectations.

I'm not sure if I'll ever write anything commercial at this point. We'll see. I need to wrap up "A Greater Genius," hopefully around June, but I see that stretching out. My piece on creating characters in fiction is taking more work than I anticipated. I keep thinking about the subject and I keep coming up with observations. I think that will stretch out to the summer as well.

Where to go past that? I don't know, but I'll likely follow on with a fantasy story set in the 20's, pre-depression.